Behind The Camera

My relationship with photography is a long and complicated affair, but it is undeniable that I have an innate passion for telling stories through photography. My late father was a professional photographer, for pretty much my entire life, so you could say that I'm carrying on the family trade. He was my single biggest influence in photography yet my approach, style, and goals are very different. The one thing that I very much inherited from him is my love and excitement for all things photography. Be it talking about it, writing about it, thinking about it, or actually doing it!

I would describe my style, first and foremost, as photojournalistic. I love to capture the authentic and unfiltered moments as they happen naturally as I feel they tell such rich and honest stories. That being said, I do also love getting creative and capturing those slightly less 'candid' but nonetheless timeless shots. It's all part of the bigger story!

I genuinely love what I do and count myself very fortunate to do it as a profession. I get to meet and work with so many awesome and interesting people, travel the world to new and exciting places, get to do some amazing things that I would likely have never had the opportunity or thought to do otherwise! BUT, possibly my single favourite aspect of being a photographer (prepare yourself for some major corniness) is getting to witness the excitement & joy of my clients when I deliver their images to them. It is such a buzz & truly so rewarding - as feelings go it’s pretty much unparalleled!

When I'm not 'working' as a photographer I still spend a good amount of my time shooting or planning my own personal photography projects. Annoyingly, I have far more ideas than I can keep up with, but that only excites me more knowing that I will always have another reason to pick up my camera and another photograph to take!

Beyond The Camera

When I do put my camera’s down & step away from my editing station I spend the majority of my free time on my other 2 main life passions, Music & Sport. I come from a musical background both as a fan & as performer. I’ve played guitar at a semi professional level for over 10 years now, & even used to be a private guitar tutor. I love to perform whenever I can & I like to get out to watch as many gigs as I can.

Sports is another love of mine, and more specifically Football & Ice Hockey. I don’t really play much of anything myself anymore but I try to get to a couple of games a season, but am yet to fly out to America/Canada to catch my Ice Hockey team, Colorado Avalanche, live.

They are my 2 biggest passions outside of photography, but I’m also a big fan of comedy, comics, travel, & any scenario where I get to eat pizza!