Newborn FAQ

+ What are your packages &/or prices?

You can see all the packages & their prices by clicking here. Can I customise a package for my needs? Of course. I offer 4 packages that can all be added to. I have created an “a la carte” style list of extras, add-ons & upgrades, but if there is something very specific that you are wanting let me know & I’ll see what I can do.

+ What kind of style of shoot/s do you do?

I can shoot in either of the 2 popular styles for Newborn photography. Those styles are Traditional & Lifestyle. Traditional tends to be more focused on your little bundle/s of joy. Lifestyle, generally, is more aimed at getting images of yourself (the parent/s) and your baby. It also tends to be in the family home. To see examples of the different styles visit my Newborn page.

+ Where does the shoot take place?

This is your decision. For a traditional style shoot, I would recommend coming to my home studio. I have a large & growing selection of props, accessories & ‘scenes’. For a lifestyle shoot I believe it works better in your home, not only will you be more comfortable but it will tell the most authentic story of that time, not only in the first few days of your babies life but your lives together.

+ Who can be involved in the shoot?

For a traditional shoot in the studio, I offer a few shots as you as a family should you want them. For a lifestyle shoot, I’m happy to also take some photos of your little one/s with grandparents, although this may require some additional time to allow us to get through all the key shots beforehand.

+ I don’t like posing! Do I have to?

Short answer, no, you don’t. But that also depends on your definition of posing, & also understanding that you don’t have to pose to be in a photo that you know is being taken of you. From my experience what most people don’t like about posing is posing to camera. It’s the looking down the lens that seems unsettle some. So in those cases, I accommodate that by changing things up so you’re interacting with your environment or with the others in the shot with you. If you still have any apprehensions let me know.

+ When is the best time to do a Newborn Shoot?

You can book the shoot for whenever you would like, BUT, I personally believe the sweet spot is in somewhere in the 5-10 days after birth, & I’d highly recommend sticking to within the first 2 weeks as they are more likely to curl up in a “womb-like” pose. They also tend to sleep a little longer, don’t mind being unclothed - as long as they are kept warm enough.

+ Booking a shoot - How does that work?

For obvious reasons booking in advance for a specific day can be a little hard, as babies arrive on their own schedules. I’d advise getting in touch a month or so before the due date (but you’re welcome to message me sooner) & provisionally book for about a week after your due date. I can then keep in mind that there may be delays or early arrivals, & keep some time put aside a week or so either side. Then as long as you keep me updated it should all be fine. You can inquire about booking in a Newborn shoot at the bottom of this page.

+ Will there be any travel costs added to the price?

I’m willing to travel within a 30-mile radius from TN1 at no added cost. Beyond a 30 miles radius, it will depend on the specifics so will be treated on a case by case basis. How long will the shoot take? Even though the base package states 2 hours this is more a guide, & there is a little wiggle room for if your little one/s take some time to settle or need nappy changes & clean up! How does the album/photo book design process work? Should you wish to add a photo book to your package there are 2 options.

  1. Once the images are edited we can sit down together (or on facetime/skype) & select your favourites to compile them together.
  2. You let me know your favourites from the shoot & I’ll do the rest for you. I will, however, send you a digital version for your approval before I send it to get printed.

+ Can my friends/family purchase prints from our shoot?

Sure they can. Once all the edited images have been uploaded to my website I will provide you with a password that you are free to share with whomever you like so that they can see all the special moments from your big day. If they wish to purchase prints of any of the images they can do so right there on my website.

+ How long after my event do I get my images/prints etc?

As a rule, I aim to try & get all the images edited & available for you to preview/download within 7 days.

+ How long after the shoot until I get my album/photo book?

Once you have given approval on the layout of the photo album I will send the information to the printing lab for production. On average this takes around 7 days but to be safe I always say 14 days to take account of delivery & any unforeseen issues - that very rarely happens, but it’s always good to be prepared!

+ Are you Insured?

I sure am. I am fully insured for personal liability, indemnity, as well as all my equipment. Let’s hope it’s never needed!