Newborn Photography

Bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful and wonderful experience, and what better way to immortalise forever those first few days than with a Newborn photo shoot. Whether you are wanting them just for yourselves, to share with family and friends, or just playing the long game so you have some 'embarrassing' shots of them to show their boyfriends/girlfriends when they're all grown up!

There are a few different ways that we (you and I) can do the shoot. There are 2 main popular styles for Newborn photography.
The traditional style shoot places your baby in staged in multiple scenes with an array of props and/or clothing.

The other popular style - and my personal favourite - is the lifestyle shoot. This style is more family oriented, with plenty of you (the parent/s) in the images, and tend to be in the family home to really emphasise that .
My gallery above has a mix of both styles & you can you which style each falls into by popping your mouse over the images as they scroll.