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Bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful and wonderful experience, so what better way to celebrate and immortalise this than with a Newborn photo shoot?


My Style

My approach to Newborn photography is little different to the current popular trend. I won’t be posing your baby dressed as a frog, or swaddled and hanging from a branch. I like to capture images that encapsulate warm family vibes and the loving connection between yourselves and your new arrival in your home environment, with the emphasis very much being on storytelling, rather than a collection of stand alone images.

I travel to you so there’s no stressful prep and travel. Also, a majority of the session will take place in 1 room (usually parents bedroom), so there’s no need to clean the house from top to bottom!

Why Have The Session At Home?

There are so many great reasons! As I have already mentioned, no need to stress about grabbing everything you need and travelling to me. Everything you and your baby needs will be right there. Because if you are relaxed, baby is relaxed. Because older siblings can play in their rooms, or watch cartoons until they are needed/ready to join in with the photos.



2 Hour Session
12x Fully edited digital images
Your favourite image as a 6’x9’ print
Private online viewing gallery


Newborn Plus

2x Sessions (Newborn + 6 month or 1 year)
12x Fully edited digital images per session
£75 Print credit
Private online viewing gallery


My 1st Year

3x Sessions (Newborn + 6 month + 1 year)
12x Fully edited digital images per session
£150 Print credit
Private online viewing gallery



Additional Digital Images: £15 per image

Printed Images: From £20

Framed Prints: From £85

Fine Art Wraps: from £90

Photo Album: from £95

Personalised USB: from £50


When Is The Best Time To Book In A Session?
Newborn babies are easiest to photograph within the the first 2 weeks (5-14 day old period is a good sweet spot) as at this time they sleep a lot, especially after a big feed, and tend to be pretty chilled and are super cute and squishy!

Around 2-4 weeks they are more alert with eyes open, more reactive to light and sounds, and are a little less curled up.

When Should I Book You In For?
Around 10 days after your due date is probably a safe bet to book the session date in for.

Premature Births
If your baby/babies arrive early the most important thing is that you and your baby are healthy. If everyone is well, and you would like to bring the session forward let me know as soon as you can and I will do what I can to reschedule an earlier session for you, but worst case, your original booking will still stand and can go ahead as planned.

Late Arrivals
If you pass your due date and would like to delay the session, again, let me know as soon as you can and we can definitely arrange to have the session at a later date.

Caesarean Births
If you would rather not reschedule, there are a few options. We can keep movement to a minimum and have your partner do the ‘heavy’ lifting and moving of the baby/babies. We can also work at a slower pace, or plan shots in an order allowing you to take you time or have recovery time. We can also book in a longer session so that we don’t lose anytime taking photos.

How do you take you tea?
I actually prefer squash, juice, or water over tea. Odd, I know, but it means I’m much easier to keep happy!

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