Cake Smash Shoot

Let’s face it; we’ve all had that moment in our lives where we’ve had an entire cake in front of us and, even if for only a split second, wished we could dive in hands first and shovel it into our faces! Or maybe that’s just me! Well, one thing I do know is that kids absolutely love it!

It probably goes against all your instincts to do, but it does make for some incredibly fun and super cute photos.

Cake Smashes are really popular for 1st birthdays, but there’s no limit on what age you have to be or even a specific occasion to have one!

Before the day of the shoot we will work together to choose a theme, set style, colours etc, so that on the day you can walk in and we can jump right in to it. And the best part is, once the shoot is over you don''t have to worry about the clean up!